If any one feels unwell or have any Covid-19 symptoms, we will ask them to stay at home and follow self-isolation procedures. The following changes will be adhered to at all times

  •  No mixing of groups with other customers 

  • All participants are required to declare they are symptom free and must wash their hands before the session begins. We recommend you bring your own hand sanitiser however there will be hand sanitiser provided.

  • Customers to wear face masks at all times. Please bring your own face covering. No Masks, No participation

  • Regular cleaning of high contact surfaces

  •  Staff to wear face masks at all times

  • We might also include a temperature test if we are at all concerned for your well-being and other users’ safety.

  • Track and Trace, All participants contact details are recorded (in accordance with GDPR) to assist with the Government track and trace procedures. Paper waiver to be signed before arrival and brought to registration

  • Payment in full via bank transfer preferable.

You can help us

By including this, we hope to significantly reduce the possibility of Covid-19 coming into contact with our staff, equipment and other customers. We ask that you come as prepared as possible. We are washing and sterilising the equipment that you will use to ensure that it is safe and clean for your visit. We have increased the cleaning regime.

Do not visit if you suspect you might have COVID-19 or if you have new symptoms such as a high temperature or new persistent cough. Please follow social distancing and regular hand washing advice.

We are constantly monitoring and updating our procedures and would ask for your support and consideration whilst we endeavour to adapt.

Stay Safe

Feel free to get in touch.