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Drone Filming

Drone Filming

Mavic 2 Pro Drone

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We have a fully licensed drone pilot  who can capture stunning aerial shots for you.

We offer a unique aerial photography service where we can capture images limited only by your imagination.  Our CAA permission for aerial work allows us to fly 400ft high and 500 metres from the remote pilot. 

With the ability to fly over, around and through buildings, under bridges, along rivers and waterways or anywhere within the law, we can capture dynamic, close range captivating shots that until recently were both unimaginable and impossible to achieve,  And at a fraction of the cost of traditional manned aircraft.

They say "a picture speaks 1000 words", we believe our aerial images tell much more than that.

With our high resolution still images you can gain a fresh new perspective and stand out from the competition.

 The Mavic 2 Pro ia a portable drone that delivers stunning photo and video. With its eminently desirable Hasselblad camera, it is ideal for drone photography where you’re looking to capture all images.

The compact size means you can slip it into a large backpack pocket and take it anywhere. We love this drone because it delivers professional results and is compact.

With 4K 10-bit HDR support, the Mavic 2 Pro can be plugged into a 4K TV with HLG and will immediately play back footage with the right colour tones. The brighter highlights and increased contrast are what make HDR video so appealing 

  • Ultra High Definition (4k)

  • Civil Aviation Authority approved (Permission for Commercial Operations A2CofC) to conduct UAV operations within UK Airspace

  • Night Rated by CAA to conduct UAV Operations during the hours of darkness.

​Drones provide an elevated perspective previously only attainable from a costly helicopter. Their stability in flight and small size allow operation in almost any environment

As mobile specialists we visit some outstanding locations and are now offering the change for this to be caught on camera. At an affordable price.

What can we capture?

There are a lot of potential applications for drones, such as: 

  • Roof inspections 

  • Advertising

  • Event filming

  • Surveying

  • Sports & Water sports

  • Weddings

  • Golf courses

  • Agriculture

  • Real Estate

If your unsure whether or not your project could benefit from the use of a drone feel free to contact us.

Our aerial photography allows us to create the most beautiful and stunning aerial photography and video – we can help you explore your fullest imagination.. 


 Our aim is simple, to capture creative, while delivering the highest level of service. We have spared no expense investing in the latest drone. We are registered with Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) as a drone operator and flyer.

  • The maximum airspeed of our drones is over 50 mph.   Our maximum range permitted by the CAA is 500m with the pilot maintaining a visible line of sight at all times to the UAV.  Our maximum permitted altitude by the CAA is 400ft.

  • The maximum flight time on a single battery in normal conditions is upto 30 minutes. We carry spare pre-charged batteries on each shoot. It only takes a few seconds to change the battery

What is the A2 CofC?

The A2 Certificate of Competency (A2CofC) is a new drone qualificationthat has been introduced from the 31st December 2020  that allows you to fly small drones “close to people”. Under the new regulations, you can operate a drone commercially.

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