Scotland's Outdoor Centre Flushes



A flush shoot is a team event and most commonly made up of 2 to 5  people, who all simultaneously shoot at clay targets. Similar to simulated game days but shooting at one location only (no moving the trap about during the day). These targets are normally set to replicate game. Ideally the location requires a hillside in front of the shooters to have the trap.Our layout uses the Huntsman trailer, which can oscillate in varying directions. The clay pigeons are released automatically. This is when the clays are fired continuously until the set number is reached, and this is controlled by an electronic remote. The speed (up to 100 clay pigeons per minute) between releases can be set on the remote so giving the shooters time to load. The number of clays on the layout will normally be between 40-100 clays.

This event is popular all year round as it can be set up in minutes and is great fun to take part in as well as watch. We are fully mobile with this option and again we can supply Guns and Cartridges.

Prices available upon request


Team tactics

Some teams are shooting just for fun and don’t discuss the targets they are going to focus on. Although fantastic fun this normally leads to numerous team members shooting at the same targets which in turn means several people have no cartridges in the gun whilst targets fly past without a shot taken! Others take tactics very seriously, selecting which target each team member are strongest at and leaving one team member to clear up if any are missed.

It is extraordinary how much fun guns have poaching their next door neighbours' birds and competitive team banter and leg-pulling is a vital ingredient of the day.

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