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Paintball: Pro Gallery


Exactly What You Need

All players are equipped with easy to use semi automatic paintball guns, biodegradeable paintballs, camouflage overalls and full face paintball goggles

During your time, you and your team will be sent on various exciting and challenging missions. All games can be played at your own pace. Attack or defend

Paintball £40 per person for 300 paintballs included. This includes hire of masks and boiler suits more paintballs can be purchased for £7.50 per 100 as and when required..smoke bombs and flash bangs £5 each.  Group minimum size of 10 people, non return deposit of £20 per head required on booking

We play a selection of senerios including

  • Capture the flag. Each of the two teams have a flag in their base which are located on opposite sides of the game zone. ...

  • Bomb the base. ...

  • Attack and defend. ...


Smoke Grenades, Paint Grenades and Thunderflashes can be used to enhance your game experience. For maximum safety, we use  paintball pyrotechnics, made by Enola Gaye*

If you are the group organiser you’ll be pleased to hear that we will take care of everything for you — we also reward the group organiser with freebies! All you need to do is give us a quick cal

Paintball: Welcome
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