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We provide a service based on a clients requirements. Each event is bespoke and are individually priced

Please contact us for a price as prices are dependent on a number of different factors,

  • The group size.

  • The location of the event.

  • The type of event (clay pigeons and archery or team building or all three)

  • The number of shots for example.

No two venues or groups are the same

This price is a fixed fee for the party rather than charging ‘per head’.

This is  because there is usually a mix of guests, some just want to have a go to say they have tried it while others use many more as they become hooked on the events. 

Included in the price for shooting is:

  • Travel to and from the venue

  • Set up for the event

  • Supplying the guns (12g, 20g and a lighter 28g for ladies and children)

  • Automatic radio controlled clay traps / Simulated game trailer

  • Agreed number of fibre wad cartridges or a two-hour time limit from booked time, or whatever comes first (both can be tailored to client's requirements)

  • Experienced coaches, One-to-one tuition and supervision

  • Guidance for basic safe shooting techniques

  • Fully licensed and insured

  • Personal Protective Equipment

  • A heavy duty Gazebo for protection from the weather if required.

  • The area used left clean and tidy after the event (at hotels, included in the price is a clean up charge to lift the major proportion of the clays. We use large nets to catch the debris. This is not practical on a  simulated day)

A non-returnable deposit of 50% will be required at the time of your booking then the balance will be due 24 hours before the event unless another agreement in writing is already in place (TERMS AND CONDITIONS).

All participants must sign a disclaimer and declaration. As  section 21 of the firearms act  prohibits the possession of a firearm and ammunition (under any circumstances), by any person who has been convicted of a crime and sentenced to a term of imprisonment (or its equivalent for young persons) of 3 months or more.

Please contact us for your bespoke package price

Please see our terms and conditions 

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