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Frequently Asked Questions

The Answers You Need

What clothing should I wear?

All of our activities are outdoor based. Suitable and practical clothing and footwear should be worn.

Will we be mixed in with others in a group?

Not with us, all sessions are on a one to one basis.

Is there a limit to the size of group?

We’ve catered for groups of up to 65+ people in one go.

How long does the event last?

Our normal packages last for two hours from the booked time (or a specific amount of shots for the clay shooting, whatever comes first unless otherwise agreed in writing).

Is a deposit required

Yes a 50% non returnable deposit is required to confirm the booking.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept cash and BACS transfers.  We are unable to accept credit or debit cards.

How far do we travel

Distance is no object, we will travel anywhere in the u.k.  Even 10 miles out to sea ( any further the U.K. license we hold are not valid)

The weather report isn’t looking good. Are you still running the event?

Yes. We only cancel in extreme weather conditions. We will never cancel events if its raining. We have a pop up Gazebo we can use if required.

Do we need to sign a disclaimer / declaration

Everyone is required to sign in on a form. For Clay pigeons, Section 21 of the firearms act  prohibits the possession of a firearm and ammunition (under any circumstances), by any person who has been convicted of a crime and sentenced to a term of imprisonment (or its equivalent for young persons) of 3 months or more.

When can I do a event?

All our events can be done weekdays or weekends all year round but this does depend on availability, so we would advise to book ASAP.

What is clay pigeon shooting?

Clay pigeon shooting is an Olympic Sport  and is shooting at targets, known as clay pigeons or clay targets, with a shotgun. Clay pigeons are thrown into the air to produce a flying target by a machine known as a trap. A Standard clay pigeon is an upside-down saucer shaped disk, 110 mm in diameter and used to be made from a mixture of Calcium Carbonate (Limestone) and Pitch, now more bio-degradable clays are being used.

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Is a licence required to shoot clay pigeons?

If you do not hold a shotgun certificate yes a licence is required to shoot clay pigeons . This is called a section 11/6. Here at Scotland's Outdoor Centre we have this licence in place to allow any non gun holders to shoot clay targets at any venue in Scotland where we have permission to use the land. We also have permission to shoot clay pigeons at sea.

We can shoot clays elsewhere in the U.K. but we need to apply to the Police for an 11/6 on an individual basis and this can take around three months to process.

What type of guns and cartridges are used

We use a selection of guns. 12 gauge and 20 gauge are the most common, we also use a 20g which is smaller again. With the 20g this is a slightly lighter gun and we use a lighter cartridge (21gram) as opposed to the normal 28 gram. this is ideal for training purposes. We also have a 28 guage which is a smaller gun again this is for the younger generation to have a shot with.

All cartridges we use are fibre wad which are more environmentally friendly

What do I need to bring

Scotlands Outdoor Centre can supply you with evertything, guns, cartridges and all the necessary safety equipment.

Is it going to hurt me?

There are 3 main reasons why shooting a Shotgun will hurt or bruise you.
1. The gun has not been mounted correctly.
2. You have not been shown how to hold it correctly.
3. The cartridges being used are of a heavy load for an inexperienced novice.
At Scotland's Outdoor Centre, we take pride in our highly qualified and professional instructors. Each client will be shown the correct way to hold the gun, and the sight line needed to break the target. Lighter  load cartridges are used for participants.

What can I expect from a Clay Shooting experience?

In short, to have a lot of fun!.  As an idea of how a typical event runs: guest are given a safety briefing. Then are introduced to one of our friendly and experienced instructors. We can also include a fun, competitive element which is great for team-building days.

Will I hit anything?

 At our shooting experience we pride ourselves on experienced and highly professional instruction, which is second to none. We have yet to have a client not hit targets

What is the difference between an Over and Under and Side by Side?

The barrels are placed on top of one another on an Over and Under whereas the barrels are placed next to each other on a Side by Side.

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